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kvSIM - 'Multi SIM in One' Base On Normal SIM Card
(ChineseVersion ÖÐÎÄ°æ)
kvSIM ver 0.11 alpha Patch for Siemens SL45i v56lg1, 2004-10-31
For source code, have a look at: "About kvSIM"


'Multi SIM in One' (Magic Sim) need a special SIM card to store 'KI+IMSI' that be read through a 'SIM card Reader'. kvSIM make it possible to implement the function of 'Multi SIM in One' with a normal SIM card - but it still need a SIM card Reader to read the 'KI+IMSI' recently.

  Software to read 'Ki+IMSI': sim_scan 2.0 (Circuit Diagram include, Click To View)


kvSIM.vkp 0.11 (13K) 041031 - Fixed Bug: Cannot use 'virtual SIM card 2'


1. Download the vkp file and patch:
Please change the 'KI+IMSI' data in the vkp file. Now it support two sets of 'KI+IMSI'. (Note: the IMSI is encoded to 9 bytes , for example: 08 x9 xx xx)

2. Select 'SIM Card'
This is a alpha version, so I use the 'Level' of the game 'The Maze' to determine the SIM card you want to use.

  Beginer your true physical SIM card
  Advanced the virtual SIM card 1
  Expert the virtual SIM card 2

3. To use the 'SIM Card' selected
To use the 'SIM Card' selected, please reboot the mobile after selecting the 'Level'.

Known Bugs:

1. You will see "Network Search" when switch 'SIM card' belong to different network providers.
2. The "SMS Centre" must be changed manually.


The kvSIM 'hook' the communication functions between MS and SIM card, calculate the response data with the A3A8 arithmetic itself and replace the response data returned from the true SIM card.